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Phishing Remains the #1 Cyber Threat

Phishing is the most common and successful type of cyberattack, which tricks recipients into providing sensitive information or installing malicious software such as Ransomware. Phishing can take the form of emails, text messages, phone calls and social media posts, so always remain vigilant. Always follow the official Mandox Twitter/ Telegram/ Discord/ Reddit accounts. You can find them all at .

-Cybercriminals will look to exploit public attention and anxiety around the pandemic, in addition to other highly charged or popular issues like the U.S. elections, return to office, and humanitarian relief, wars, to launch themed phishing campaigns and scams.

Cyberattacks on Mobile Devices to Increase

In 2021, the move to remote work saw mobile attacks expand dramatically. According to Check Point Security, 97% of organizations faced mobile threats, and 46% had at least one employee download a malicious mobile application. Cybercriminals will evolve and adapt their techniques to exploit the growing reliance on mobile devices, so please follow the same precautions on your mobile devices as you do on your work desktop or laptop.

What can you do to stay cyber vigilant?

∙ Get your information from verified sources.

∙ Be security conscious on all devices and platforms, not just email, and use additional security features offered in apps and on websites such as multi-factor identification, and automatic updates.

∙ Keep your devices’ software and anti-virus protection up to date.

∙ Shop and get news from known, trusted sites.

∙ Never give out any personal information and Never EVER, EVER give out your seed phrase.


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