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The Trifecta - Part 3 - Mandox - The Merger BTC and ETH

First, before I begin I need to mention that I am partial to Mandox. I am one of the core members of the team and invested heavily in the project. Mandox is an Erc-20 token and was launched at the end of November 2021. You can find all our information at I am not going to get into details about our project (it speaks for itself), but would like to discuss why we will be successful long term.

Bitcoin Maximalist holders have been compared to followers of a religion. Well, Mandox was born from a missionary in Guatemala. Our CEO Luke Humpries is the lead artist and is based in Santiago. God is in his heart and he and his family give to the people. You can find him easily accessible on telegram, twitter, discord or any number of Ama’s. Are other coins actually affecting the lives of other people? This is what is truly beautiful and unique about Mandox. Mandox is based on a religion of love, kindness and generosity and our militia is growing everyday. We just want to do something good and spread that love. It doesn’t matter if your follow Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Shinto, Islam or any of the other great religions of world. We accept everyone, because we are all one. There are many ways to the top of the mountain. We are kind and respect everyone. Every member of our team follows this mantra and it has spread to the Mandox Militia.

Michael Salyor has referred to Bitcoin as Energy, well M believes there is Energy in Mandox. How so? Mandox has the power to change lives and it has already done so. It is already supporting education, lifting the lives of people, saving people by giving them an alternative option besides turning to life within a gang. Mandox at its core is creating a safe haven for families and feeding them physically and nurturing their soul spiritually. How poetic is that? What coin is really doing that right now? We have dreams to spread this kindness globally, because why not. There is so much money in crypto, but how much do you really need? So many people live on so little, we as a whole can help so many.

I guess what it boils down to is that I believe in Luke. He has put together an amazing team and JH has said it countless times, each individual truly has a unique strength and together is a mighty collaboration. Mandox is enhancing and challenging the traditional NFT marketplace and also incorporating visionary ideas onto the blockchain. Buckle up my friends, because it is going to be an amazing ride. I have said this before, but I want to personally thank every holder for your continued support. We could not be here today if it wasn’t for your strength and support. So…Let’s Keep Calm and Mandox On! And while we are at……Let’s get a goose or a duck ;)


I am not a Financial Advisor and this is not Financial Advice. Please do your own research. I am not a critically acclaimed writer and this is just for fun. Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors. I am partial to Mandox! It is my way.

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