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Utilities that comprise a Solid Project

1. Solution

A successful project must solve a real-world problem or address a real-world pain point.

2. Decentralized

Must be a reason for the project to be decentralized, if there is no reason, it won’t be adopted. It’s Crypto, we don’t want no stinking centralization.

3. Community

A very active, strong, vibrant, involved, passionate, even a tad bit crazy community engaged on various platforms is essential. One could argue that community is the #1 top factor in a successful project.

4. Vision/Roadmap

A roadmap/whitepaper can provide a longer-term vision for the overall project, as well as provides accountability for project timeline and execution.

5. Team

The team behind the project should be knowledgeable, experienced, driven, involved. A ‘doxxed’ team is desirable and provides accountability.

6. Marketing

Promoting the project is essential. Ensure the project allots funds to incorporate marketing for visibility. A vast majority of people are still unsure or unaware of Crypto. The more newbies we can get, the easier money to be made... Kidding 😊

7. Exchange Listings

You want your project listed on not just as many exchanges as possible, but the top-tier exchanges that have the most volume and users. This allows for more people across the world to engage in trading and brings more visibility.

8. Ranking

Coin listed on sites that rank projects for exposure and to attract new investors.

9. Ease of Purchase

Give people multiple options to purchase your coin in the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

10. Unique

Your project should have solutions that others do not. Integrate with other successful projects to expand the unique utility.

11. Accuracy

Ensure your coin data is accurate and aligns with all platforms. This can include your total supply, holders, market cap, liquidity, etc.

12. Communication

Any successful projects keep their community informed on news, updates, and advancements. Twitter & Telegram are the most used in the crypto ecosystem. If the project has neither of those, then run for your life.

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