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What is the Mandox Vision? – Ryan CMO

When people ask me what Mandox is, it is really hard to give a short answer. Is it a cryptocurrency, a NFT project, or a company? For the people that hold the true Mandox vision, I think it is more than that, more than just something, it is a vehicle that has the potential to do a lot of positive things in the world. Mandox has a purpose, and I will be discussing this below.

I feel like a lot of people around the world have been negatively affected by the pandemic that happened over the recent years, and it has changed a lot of things for a lot of people. For one I see a lot of people having trouble finding work, etc. There have been huge unintended consequences that the pandemic had on the world as a whole. Poverty, inflation, unemployment, addiction, abuse and so many other things have gone up because of the pandemic. This is why I believe in cryptocurrency so much because it has the potential to change all this. People can make good money from crypto and not have to worry about unemployment and inflation because they can be financially free from those things. But what about a crypto currency that could be created to help fight poverty, addiction, abuse, and other negative things that happened around the world. This is where I see Mandox come into play. There is a lot of money in crypto currency, what if one was designed to be a company with real utility with a real-world use case that also can give back to help change the world around it. This is not just a crypto or a NFT project, this is a vision that can use these things to bring positivity not only into the crypto world because it is a safe place to trade in a cesspool of scams due to the lack of regulation, but this can bring positivity to those who really need it.

Mandox has barely scratched its surface when it comes to exposure, we are working on huge partnerships and sponsorships that honestly probably wouldn’t give any other projects a time of day, why is this? I believe it is the Mandox Vision. Mandox is still a super new company and is built on organic growth for sustainability and longevity. We recently just did a contract upgrade that really helps our vision as a company. There is no more mission and marketing wallets that hold Mandox token, the tax is now transferred into Ethereum when you buy, sell, and transfer Mandox. This is completely beneficial for the sustainability of the project as we will not have to liquidate those wallets to be able to use them for marketing and missions and won’t create big sell pressures in the future when funds are needed. Investors can now trade Mandox and money is being set aside for a Missions Wallet through 1.5% tax on every buy sell or transfer. This now allows for a safe trading platform and potential to change the lives of others through what we call Mandox Missions.

The Mandox Vision has already started taking place in Guatemala. The Mandox Missions has provided food to kids, now education for over 200 students, and also helping with some medical needs, and we are just beginning. This is where the vision comes in, it is about starting local and thinking global. As volume of trading begins to grow as more investors come into Mandox we will have more money for more missions to where we will have a greater reach. It is a vision, to make people financially free, while also helping those who need it the most. The greatest blessings come not from what you receive, but what you can give. The Mandox Vision is real, and those who see it will align themselves with it. As stated, we don’t want to just make millionaires, we want to make millionaires that change the world.

*These are my thoughts. I wanted to get them down on paper to share where I see Mandox going. This is never financial advice, but a glimpse into my vision for Mandox*

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